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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Silicon Valley ... FIGHT!

The Fight Club of Silicon Valley

Recently there have been reports of fight clubs in Silicon Valley, California. Apparently some tech guys just have to get militant. So... I can only imagine the insults coming from a team of core computer graphic programmers when they decide things must get bloody :)

"Yo, fool, Don't make me bitch slap you past the far plane, you'll be clipped, fool!"

"Oh yeah, well I'll punch you so hard you'll be spun around and back-face culled"

"Ha, take one step and I'll project your face on the infinite plane of my fist"

"I'll slice you up faster than Cohen-Sutherland's Clipping Algorithm"

"Whoa, that's pretty intense man"

"Not as an intense as the union of my surf board to your chest"

"That's impossible, I'm too intact for that...who do you think you are, Delaney?"

Then Mom comes: "Hey guys, come back inside, stop all this z-fighting!"


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