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Friday, July 28, 2006

Wealth of Material

Sorry for the lack of updates.. I am going in this transitionary period where I'm working and learning new things and do not have much to comment on. Geometrics seems to have some exciting stuff with geometric algebra and real-time radiosity, but I don't think it is anything anyone without a really clever knowledge of the papers and the radiosity algorithms couldn't do. This is really hard stuff, though. At least for me.

I'm reading a great paper by Robin Greene discussing Spherical Harmonic Lighting.. what I read and what I implement is usually 2 levels behind. Hopefully in the future I can close that gap :-) It is amazing how many well written papers are out there and the wealth of material..you know, past what you can get from books. The GI (global illumination) books out there aren't necessarily that accessible. To be accessible, a book must be able to present a complex problem in the most thorough way without being overwhelming, without lacking a good solid introduction, and without being overly terse or esoteric.

I've also read, recently, most of the Age of Spiritual Machines and am wondering about the future of AI and humans as well. I do believe it is possible to have machine level intelligence. Part of me wonders then am I in the wrong field? Perhaps I should be working towards immortality ;-)



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